How to maintain good health and improve the quality of life

How to maintain good health and improve the quality of life

Every human being has two major resources: intelligence and health. The first is replenished in the process of self-development through reading, absorption of valuable and interesting information, broadening of horizons and the application of knowledge in practice to gain experience. The second is a bit more complicated, because modern society, unfortunately, does not put health in priority. We see sedentary 20-year-old residents of big cities with headaches, dyspnea, and back or pressure problems. If you decide to change your life, then fitness training will help.

Where to find the root of evil? The description of the symptoms leads to the idea that we are talking about representatives of the low social stratum in some incredibly poor country. However, the real situation is quite the opposite. Our problem is not in deprivation, but in excess. We exist in an era of hedonistic society, where every whim is satisfied in a short time. Food is not grown, but is purchased in supermarkets or ordered home. No need to cook if there are cheap establishments. Why go to the cinema when movies quickly appear on the Internet. Add here a sedentary job and an evening rest with chips on the couch. What do you see? Total lack of activity! We are deprived of movement and prefer to spend any free second in a sitting position, instead of going out and walking in the fresh air. We have reached the extreme point, when it is impossible to do without the help of

Of course, modern realities have created the most comfortable conditions. However, the lack of awareness and self-control thoroughly undermines our state of health. You can return it only by changing life principles and rhythm. If you are looking for a way out, then fitness will suit you. This direction is not trying to make you a pitching or anorexic model. Fitness is based on many years of experience in the areas of proper nutrition, exercise and psychology. The main goal is to make you a healthy person and teach you how to live according to a healthy perception of yourself and your body.

People involved in fitness are committed to improving the overall quality of life, which includes social relationships, the development of intelligence and spirituality, as well as the development of physics. It is not scary if you have never been friends with sports, because no one will force you to run 5 km, push out 100 times, or carry weights in the first lesson. Fitness is sports and wellness. It is worth looking first at the second, if you are a beginner and suffer from certain problems (now almost everyone has them). A competent set of exercises will allow to correct the figure, relieve pain in the back, shoulders and neck, will prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and also allow you to say goodbye to the fear of gaining extra pounds.

It is also important to develop the flexibility and endurance of the muscles and the cardiovascular system. In this regard, long-term and intensive cardio training will be an excellent option. Basic information can be found on the links. The trainer will get acquainted with your health condition and make an individual program. There are different areas of fitness, so you can choose the one that suits you. Remember that we are talking about health, on which the duration and quality of life depends.

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