Get ready for a meteor show!

Get ready for a meteor show!

Scientists report that a faint moonlight should guarantee uninterrupted viewing from December 13-14. The Geminids meteor shower should really impress this year.

At the peak promise a huge number of "falling stars". Meteors form when small particles from space penetrate the earth’s atmosphere at high speeds and are burned in the sky.

A specific stream received this name, because from the point of view of the earthly observer comes from the location of the constellation Gemini (Gemini). In reality, this is a 5-kilometer space rock - Phaeton. This may be a near-Earth asteroid or a dead comet.

Get ready for a meteor show!

Geminids meteor shower in the northern hemisphere Some say that this year the show should be brighter, because the Phaeton will come close to our planet. Three days after the event, the rock will fly past the Earth at a distance of 10.3 million km.

Due to its size and proximity it belongs to potentially dangerous asteroids. Now you should not worry about the collision, but no one excludes the possible danger in the future. Analysis shows that such a blow would have killed hundreds of millions of people.

The stream can be observed from anywhere in the world, but the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere will get the best overview. Visibility will be so clear that you can do without the use of binoculars.

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