New Plan for Searching Oceanic Worlds

New Plan for Searching Oceanic Worlds

Image of the satellite Neptune Triton from Voyager-2

Researchers believe that it is necessary to prepare new strategies for searching and studying oceanic worlds, not only outside the solar system, but also inside it. That is, the most sensible will focus on already known to us planets. Scientists support the idea of ​​creating a research program that will include the entire spectrum of oceanic worlds: not only the study of candidates, but also well-known ones like Europe.

The study emphasizes that Europe, Enceladus and Titan are priority targets for study, as previous missions were able to confirm the presence of oceans. However, there is also a promising, but so far unconfirmed satellite of Neptune Triton, which cannot be ignored. Scientists say that an in-depth understanding of the oceanic worlds begins with an active study of our own planet Earth. Collaboration should be established between ocean scientists and researchers to search for oceans on foreign planets. In addition, thorough research programs and the development of future missions will be required.

Oceanic is the world with the current liquid ocean, which does not have to be global. In this structure, all the bodies of the Solar system, which may have an ocean, are considered. Earth is a well-studied oceanic world, used as a reference point and point of comparison. Ice giants do not fall under the definition. The main goal - the search for extraterrestrial life.

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