“Alibi” series - non-standard stories that you don’t want to dig under

“Alibi” series - non-standard stories that you don’t want to dig under

There were times when you only had to go to the cinema to watch a movie or to wait for a premiere on a cable TV on a certain day. With the development of the Internet, the pace of shooting and product quality has accelerated. Now almost every month they report a new premiere, and the sites allow you to enjoy the story for free and at any time. However, it is difficult to pass through this entire serial stream and extract a really interesting and unusual plot. Stories seem to copy each other, changing only the names and faces of the characters. If you want to immerse yourself in a non-standard plot with a high-quality string, then you cannot pass by the Alibi series http://smartserial.club/1776-alibi-2018.html.

The Russian serial “Alibi” of 2018 suggests us to get acquainted with a not quite familiar profession. In today's world, you have to turn around and never be 100% sure that you are safe. Sometimes the authorities make mistakes, sometimes you have to hide something or secretly visit certain places. So that you are not caught red-handed, you need to get an alibi that proves that you are not involved in any event or were absent at a certain place. But how to do that? No need to worry, because the main character of the series Eugene, whose role went to Eugene Stychkin, is already rushing to help you. Here is a man with a successful career as a screenwriter and a rich imagination. Moreover, his fantasy is so sophisticated that it is not limited to the creation of scenes for the world of cinema. He opened his own specific agency, which will provide an alibi to anyone who wants it. You just need to look into the office and get a finished story, which is difficult to undermine.

Zhenya and his companions act with good intentions. Their stories help to hide the mistakes, save the family from collapse after treason, improve the relationship of lovers and much more. For the main character, a new job is not just a way to make money, but also an exciting business in which you can maximize your imagination, have fun and help other people. The number of clients is increasing and the reputation of the agency is constantly growing. This is not surprising, because all services are provided strictly confidentially, where the customer and the contractor are not faced. Therefore, wealthy and influential visitors are becoming more and more.

However, the problems begin on the day when the main character's wife decided to use the services. Of course, he learns about all her plans and the situation is sharpening. Now he has to not only get out of the situation, but also create his own alibi, so as not to reveal to his wife what he does for a living and not embarrass her. The actors are perfectly accustomed to the role, and skillfully convey all the humor and drama of the situation. The story is revealed in 16 series. The series “Alibi” is available on the site in excellent quality and convenient player for viewing. Below is the announcement, which shows the release date for each new series, so you will always be aware of new arrivals. You can leave a comment and rate. View completely free.

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