Unusual galaxies resemble cigars

Unusual galaxies resemble cigars

This is an elliptical galaxy in an elongated rotation. The shape resembles a cigar, whose stars perform revolutions around the long axis

Galaxies have always seemed to you large-scale disks with stars? Well, this description doesn't quite fit cigar-shaped formations. In the CALIFA survey, scientists were able to examine thin galaxies rotating along the longest axis. It turned out that this species is more common than believed. New data allowed us to create a model of the likely formation of this type.

For many, the galaxies will always be associated with the majestic Milky Way, which we have repeatedly seen in the pictures: a flat disk with a stellar rotation around the central axis. But there are galaxies that were previously considered extremely rare - elongated rotators, taking the form of cigars.

The astronomical group decided to revise the CALIFA information regarding 600 galaxies and noticed 8 new elongated representatives. This helped double their number from 12 to 20! How do they appear? Galaxies grow by merging with neighbors. Thus, our Milky Way has expanded. To create an elongated shape, two large disk types must converge at right angles.

The formation of an elliptical galaxy in an elongated rotation. The model is based on CALIFA data. The creation includes a polar fusion, where one of the spirals breaks the pronounced elongated structure (bar) to the junction, which draws a new galaxy. Stars begin to rotate around the bar of the first satellite. Together they create an elliptical cigar-shaped type

Galaxies contact through gravity, where it forms a bar of them - an elongated structure closer to the central part. He takes the form of a cigar, and the orbital stars of the neighbor begin to rotate around him. It remains only to test this model on instruments, such as MUSE on the Very Large Telescope, in order to verify its authenticity.

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