India launches mega rocket

India launches mega rocket

On Monday, India plans to launch its best rocket to mark the development of the local space program. Their goal is to put a person into orbit.

The 43-meter design should start from the southern island of Sriharikot. The model is equipped with a powerful propulsion system developed in India. Project leaders hope that the development will reduce dependence on European technologies.

The GSLV Mk III missiles are equipped with a 3-ton satellite, which will be a very important achievement, as the country could not yet launch a similar weight. Communication satellites are incredibly heavy and the previous maximum was 2 tons.

The successful launch of a 640-ton rocket will be an important step for ISRO, who won the 2014 race for Mars. Then the Indian spacecraft managed to reach the Red Planet with a minimum budget. This presented India as a reliable and relatively inexpensive partner in space exploration missions. The price of 73 million dollars looks more attractive than 671 million dollars for Maven. ISRO is also tuned to master Jupiter and Venus.

Going to the Stars

The country is fighting for a large market in the satellite communications section, as the communication lines are constantly trying to find a better connection. In February 2014, they sent 104 satellites on a rocket, overtaking Russia (39).

The agency conducted a test on a less developed technology in December 2014, when the cryogenic engine was still at the testing level.

It was located unmanned capsule, separated from the rocket and landing in the Bay of Bengal 20 minutes after launch. Such a mechanism is designed to transport three people. But the development of the project will take another 7 years.

India dreams of becoming the fourth country (Russia, USA and China), which will be able to send a man into space. But manned missions often break down and resume.

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