Space X will send a mission to Mars in 2018

Space X will send a mission to Mars in 2018

Space X is planning to send the Dragon unmanned capsule to the planet Mars as early as 2018, as the organization itself said on Wednesday.

Elon Musk, who manages the entire program and is at the same time a successful entrepreneur, also plans to deliver the first volunteers to Mars.

Now NASA's Space X is already controlling the predecessors of the Dragon from the ISS. Preparation will take place in 2017, in order to deliver astronauts to their destination in 2018 without any problems. Created for the project court organization called the "Red Dragons". "The ships are designed specifically for smooth movement in the solar system. In 2018, our first test flight will take place," wrote Mask on Twitter.

Space X plan to debut through its heavyweight ship Falcon, because he is able to withstand huge masses on his board, namely, unmanned capsules.

Mask said earlier that the idea and the project itself was repeatedly proposed and discussed at the annual international astronautics congress, which is traditionally held in September.

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