Oumuamua could be a creepy corpse of comet dust

Oumuamua could be a creepy corpse of comet dust

Artistic vision of the interstellar Oumuamua object

Oumuamua became the first mysterious visitor to the solar system. He has long left our territory, but scientists are still trying to understand what they have encountered. The new theory suggests that the strange object was a monstrous dust accumulation, namely a blown up comet. The explanation is based on observations of comets decaying as they approach the Sun.

Oumuamua is an interstellar object found on the territory of our system in October 2017. He attracted attention because he is considered to be only a guest and was formed in a foreign star system. This is the first such celestial body, although researchers believe that thousands go unnoticed.

The debate is about the nature of Oumuamua: an asteroid, a comet, a mysterious alien ship. It is now believed that this is a changing object in a short time. He was able to be noticed already at the exit from the region close to the Sun, therefore it seemed reddish, elongated and narrow. However, no one knows whether it is its stable properties or the result of a forced deformation. Scientists decided to compare Oumuamua with the observations of comets. Usually, when weak comets approach at a distance close to us, they are simply destroyed. And the death of a comet is a loud process. They pass through a flash, causing decay.

For example, the comet C / 2017 S3 taken from the Oort Cloud surrounding the solar system is taken. This comet survived two such powerful bursts before falling apart. The collected data indicate that the remains of the C / 2017 S3 were a large loosened accumulation of loosely bound dust grains. So the formation looked even before approaching the sun.

It is difficult to unequivocally state that this situation reflects the true nature of Oumuamua, but it offers a new explanation. It turns out that this could not be a solid object, but an accumulation of cometary remnants.

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