Life arrived on Earth from space! Who or what was the source?

Life arrived on Earth from space! Who or what was the source?

Building blocks of life could be delivered to Earth by comets and asteroids

Scientists claim that the building blocks of life have arrived on Earth from space. New research has shown that chemicals important for the evolution of every living organism on our planet were brought to us by comets or meteorites. Of course, this is not direct evidence that we are descended from aliens, but so far no one rules out this idea.

There is an assumption that two types of chemical substances can form in space - phosphates and diphosphoric acid. These are the main components of chromosomes - carriers of genetic information.

The researchers used a vacuum chamber to simulate the ice grains found in the space between the stars. It turns out that irradiation of chemicals, like phosphine, creates phosphates and diphosphoric acid. It is important to understand that on Earth, phosphine is lethal to living beings. But in the interstellar medium, the exotic chemistry of phosphine may contribute to the development of rare paths of chemical reactions to initiate the creation of bio-relevant molecules, like phosphorus oxo acids, which lead to the known molecular evolution of life. This means that the building blocks of life can be traced back to the clouds of chemicals floating between the stars, which then come to Earth in the form of asteroids and comets. Comets contain the remnants of the material of the protoplanetary disk that formed our system, where these compounds should be stored with a sufficient amount of phosphine in interstellar ice. Further research will help determine the validity of this theory.

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