Mars strikes! Mysterious crash in the NASA rover

Mars strikes! Mysterious crash in the NASA rover

Selfies from the NASA Curiosity Mars Rover on the Vera Rubin Ridge (relief near Mount Eolid)

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity temporarily had to suspend scientific operations due to failures. A mysterious problem arose on September 15, which is why the spacecraft cannot send most of the information about science and technology stored in its memory to Earth. But the rover is still functioning and transmitting its own state data in real time.

Engineers are now studying the details to better diagnose the problem. Due to data limitations, you may have to spend time trying to figure out the cause of the problem. The rover team turned off all scientific instruments during the investigation. Technicians are preparing to start the backup computer of the machine if it is necessary to diagnose the problem in the host computer. The backup is identical to the host computer and has already been tested. She served as the main computer for the first 200 sol on the Red Planet, until she encountered a problem that was later resolved. While the engineers are working on the problem, the research team plans to study the information that the rover managed to collect on the Vera Rubin ridge at an altitude of 5.5 km. Some areas were too heavy, which made drilling difficult.

Curiosity landed in Gale Crater (154 km wide) in August 2012. For more than 6 years of operation, the device found a lot of evidence that Mars could support microbial life in the ancient past. There were even lakes and streams in Gale's crater.

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