The Mysterious Star of the Milky Way

The Mysterious Star of the Milky Way

In 2015, the Kepler space telescope fixed the star KIC 8462852 and since then the scientific community has been trying to understand what exactly it was facing.

Mysterious seemed dips in brightness, because of which she seemed to disappear from the observations. Among the reasons indicated the presence of the nearest planet or a cluster of comet groups around it.

Last year, scientists noticed that the star tarnishes by 1% every year. But the team wanted to trace it in a longer time span. For this, ASAS-SN was used - the world's first automated data acquisition system.

The Mysterious Star of the Milky Way

The elusive star KIC 8462852 hides a great mystery. This image shows only a small celestial region, where the star Tabbi is only one of millions It turned out that the star flew off the coils in 2015 and is now 1.5% weaker than it was then. Moreover, it becomes brighter during periods of eclipse, which does not fall under any of the hypotheses.

Now researchers are trying to understand how its color changes over time, especially during periods of brightness seepage. This data will help narrow the search and understand why the star behaves so strangely.

For example, if it’s all about dust, then it should be redder when it fades. If it is blocked by large objects, then the color should not change at all. It remains only to observe.

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