Watch the best new films of 2019

Watch the best new films of 2019

The first short films appeared in the distant 1890s. as a result of a chain of successful inventions. This is Edison's kinetograph, Demini's chronograph, and also Latama's projector. The first pictures seem primitive to us, since they were short, dumb stories or with the use of subtitles (the voice on the set was not recorded yet). In addition, they were all accompanied by music played at the time of the show. The first sound film was shown only in 1922, and now you can watch movies of 2019, new items that have already been released.

In the modern world, the film industry has coped with the problems of the previous century, so now we have a high-quality picture and perfectly synchronized sound. Moreover, thanks to the development of technology, the equipment itself has become available, so every year more and more studios, directors and actors appear. We'll have to spend more than one year to view only all Hollywood movies. And let's add here domestic, foreign and, as a separate category, pictures of Bollywood, where already in 1930 up to 200 films appeared annually! However, before the choice was limited, as you can see only what was going on in cinemas or you had to look for scarce tapes (later it will be disks). The development of the Internet has advanced the film industry forward, because now you can find literally any film. And the view is completely free and takes place in a comfortable home environment. The choice is huge and the directors, aware of the competition, are constantly trying to improve the quality of shooting, improve 3D technology and do not forget about the plot.

The only problem is that there are too many films. Sometimes very high-quality stories pass by our attention because of the large flow. It is extremely difficult to monitor news sites and look for reviews on new items. But this is not required, because now all the films and series are collected on one site, open for free use.

The main page is well tuned to the viewer, as it provides simple and comfortable control. The top panel is filled with new products for 2019. These are the latest released films and added to the site in high quality and translation. There are also top 100, which presents a rating of hundreds of best films. Be sure to use the navigator, where you can choose a genre for a movie, cartoon or TV series. If you are looking for something specific, that is, a convenient search engine that takes into account the name of the film, director or actor. Also, the selection can be carried out according to the year of the tape or the country. There are thematic columns (mystic, teenagers, space, etc.).

Now select any movie. Near each not only a detailed description of the cast, director, screenwriter, but also a lengthy description of the plot is presented. Ratings from several sources are indicated, and below are the comments of those who have already looked. You can familiarize yourself with the trailer or select one of several players for full viewing (in each you can adjust the quality level). Quick and easy registration will bring a lot of advantages. For example, there is a convenient bookmark feature. Opposite the films you can put a mark, after which they are added to your personal list, which can be viewed at any time.

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