Satellites of the Ariane-5 missile were wrong with the location

Satellites of the Ariane-5 missile were wrong with the location

The Arians-5 are used to being treated like a reliable rocket.

The Ariane-5 rocket managed to put two commercial satellites into orbit, but they still failed to reach the correct position. The launch was carried out from the Kourou Space Center (French Guiana).

After 30 minutes, the dispatchers lost contact with the rocket, which executive director Stefan Israel called the “anomaly”.

Later, the satellites re-connected to the radio. They split up and went into orbit. However, the latest information suggests that the devices did not separate from the rocket in the right place, as it lost its course and followed the wrong trajectory.

Representatives of Arianespace reported that they are now repositioning satellites to the right place using propulsion systems.

Reliable workhorse

The SES satellite, created by Airbus in the UK, weighs more than 4 tons and is equipped with telecommunications equipment and a NASA platform, which should explore the boundary between the earth's atmosphere and space. The weight of the satellite Yahat Al-Yah reaches 3795 kg and it also has telecommunications equipment. Arianespace began work in 1980. Since then, she has launched more than 550 satellites. This also includes the Galileo GPS. Upon completion, this program will have 30 satellites (until 2020). If everything goes according to plan, the system will be able to calculate the location on Earth with an accuracy of one meter.

The Ariane-5 missile has been operating since 1986. She has a long track record of successful operations, but now we have to compete with SpaceX Ilona Max. The last two launches encountered problems, but the flights were canceled, so there was no loss.

In September, the start of Ariane-5 was interrupted due to problems in the main engine. Similar happened in March 2011.

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