NASA probe will go to the solar atmosphere

NASA probe will go to the solar atmosphere

The goal of the new mission is to get as close as possible to the Sun, where the deadly heat and radiation reign, to demonstrate the process of creating a star.

In July 2018, the Parker Solar Probe will be the first vehicle to be launched to the solar corona. The unmanned vehicle must enter orbit and be 6.3 million kilometers from the solar surface. The temperature index in this area reaches 1377 ° C. To survive, the device is equipped with a shield of carbon composite, whose thickness is 11.43 cm.

In size it will reach a small car and spend 7 years on the flight. Traveling speed is 430000 miles per hour. That's enough to get from New York to Tokyo in a minute.

Scientists believe that this will help improve the knowledge in the forecasts of cosmic storms and weather phenomena that affect the daily life of all earthly creatures.

Visit Time

The ship will measure plasma waves and high-energy particles and uses a white image to display the structure.

NASA probe will go to the solar atmosphere

Solar probe plan to send in 2018

You can learn a lot just by looking out the window. We notice the sunshine and see when the day comes. But to feel the heat, you need to go outside. The mission will be breakthrough, because it will try to get as close as possible.

July 31, 2018 opens the start window for 20 days. The ship is planning to launch on a Delta-4 rocket.

Probe name

Initially, the device was called the Solar Probe, but it was decided to rename it in honor of the 89-year-old physicist Eugene Parker. It was he who published the first article in which he described the solar wind (1958). For the first time, NASA decided to give the ship the name of a man, which only emphasizes its importance in the scientific community. Parker himself is very excited and looks forward to unpredictable finds.

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