Make your laugh laugh in a 3D printer and launch into space

Make your laugh laugh in a 3D printer and launch into space

An Israeli artist is looking for a sound to send it to the International Space Station's 3D printer, and then release it into space.

Love to laugh? What about laughter, giggles, hyena chanting? If you have the best laugh, no matter how wonderful it is, you can become the owner of its 3D-sculpture, which will go into outer space.

Israeli artist and computer programmer Eyal Heber is leading a project called #Laugh (Laughter). 6 years ago, the firm Made In Space for the production of 3D printers offered Hever the opportunity to become the first artist to create a work in space. They sent a 3D printer to the ISS, which astronauts use to print new parts.

In developing #Laugh, Gever had to find the kind of art that would have universal appeal, literally. The final version may not be specific to a particular country or culture. His friend, the British poet Suli Breaks, suggested using laughter. Gever organized a collection of laughter to determine the most popular audio that would be converted into a file and transmitted to an ISS printer. The resulting sculpture will be dropped into space.

Describing the project on the Internet, Geber gave a link to the early rock carvings of human hands. He called them the way of proclaiming and celebrating humanity. “#Laugh will become a 21st century version - a mathematically precise seal of human laughter, floating in space and waiting for discovery,” he said. It sounds a bit strange, but we are interested in the result. Heber's other projects are just as wild. He combines technology and art, developing his own tools for creating physical works in three dimensions. Imagine a computer simulation that resembles a slice of oceanic volga. Now turn it into a 3D sculpture.

To participate, you need to download the #Laugh free app from iTunes, which only works on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 or later. This knocks out a large segment of the world’s population. Laughter should go through the app until midnight on December 31 to get as many likes on social media.

The result will be announced next month, and then sent in February to the ISS as the strangest star.

When I tried to download the application, it hung on the word “download”. So I think this is a sign from the universe. Or the developer will cause more than one laugh in his direction. We'll see. Haha

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