Space tourism cannot do without professional flight attendants

Space tourism cannot do without professional flight attendants

A stewardess brings food to a colleague aboard a moon shuttle in the Stanley Odyssey 2001 film by Stanley Kubrick

Recently, the topic of space tourism has been increasingly mentioned. Well-known companies, such as Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, announced plans for regular launches of tourists to the suborbital space in 2019, and SpaceX planned to deliver 8 passengers on a flight around the moon.

These are ambitious plans and interesting ideas, however, the dates are constantly shifted and no one places exact dates. While private citizens have not queued up for tickets to the space cruise, you should carefully think about the comfort and safety of tourists who will have much more difficult than the passengers of the ship or aircraft.

Should we expect the appearance of space flight attendants? After all, why do you get into a spacecraft without confidence in quality service? Or at least having a professional team with a pilot.

Flight attendants are professionals whose experience is necessary to ensure safety in flight. Without their help, passengers can endanger their own health and risk their lives if they are not always in a friendly sky. For example, not everyone knows where to find and how to use security tools, like oxygen masks. The presence of a confident flight attendant calms, especially if you are not just coming off the ground, but leaving the planet. At the training stage, flight attendants study the federal aviation rules, the rules of conduct with disobedient passengers, terrorists, and also deal with situations of an emergency landing on water or land. They need to know how to behave in any incident and help others. The duties even include the knowledge of the performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Space tourism cannot do without professional flight attendants

Debris from Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo is visible on the surface of the Mojave Desert after a tragic accident during a test flight on October 31, 2014. One of the pilots died, and the second was seriously injured.

And now carefully study the image with the Virgin Galactic spacecraft, created for space tourism. Unfortunately, he crashed in the Mojave Desert during a test flight in 2014. These are the dangers that should be avoided during future tourist flights.

What will be the role of flight attendants in space flights? Will there be enough space on the ships to recruit a full-fledged flight crew? And who will take up specialized training? Maybe NASA? So far there is no answer to these questions, but the industry is developing rapidly, so one day the flight attendants will soar not only in the clouds, but above them as well, viewing the home planet in the windows of the spacecraft with the passengers.

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