Give yourself the feeling of flying

Give yourself the feeling of flying

In childhood, we often dream of flying scenes. This is an incredible feeling when you take off the ground, feel weightlessness and just soar. Even with age, such pictures still live vividly in our fantasies. Why not revive them? This is possible if you use the flight in the aerotube on the site

When we think about flight, we present only two options: weightlessness and parachute jumping. The first method is still available only to astronauts on the International Space Station, and its counterparts are used here in the form of aircraft maneuvers or dives in the pool. The second option is a kind of danger, because a person has to jump from a great height, hoping for the instructor's professionalism, serviceability of equipment and his own luck. Not everyone dares to like that. Is there a safe way?

Yes, this is a flight in an aerotube. Every year this entertainment is gaining more and more popularity, both among extremes and lovers of experiencing something new, and those who have long dreamed of experiencing the sensation of flight and weightlessness. We are talking about a technical device, which is one or more powerful fans capable of pulling a person off the ground by the force of air flow and keep him in the air.

The aerotube itself covers 7 meters in height and 4.1 meters in diameter. Its creation was engaged in the Swiss company. The maximum air flow rate is 270 km / h, although 130 km / h is enough to lift an adult.

What is a plus aero pipes? Let's start with the most important thing - security. The flight is created artificially. You do not have to jump from a great height or experience a free fall on the plane. This is a pipe with a fan that gently tears from the surface to a certain height and also smoothly lowers. Before you begin, you will be instructed to tell you a few basic rules that are easy to remember and follow. Do not forget that the rumble from the motor will block all other sounds. Therefore, the instructor will teach the basic gestures with which you can communicate about possible difficulties or wishes already during the process itself in the pipe.

You should not worry about your safety, because you will get a special form (suit, comfortable shoes, earplugs and a helmet) to prevent any risk of injury. Do not forget that there will be an instructor nearby who will always have time to correct the situation (if you have chosen the wrong posture).

Another plus is that there is no need to prepare for a long time. Extreme sports are attractive because they allow you to experience adrenaline. However, their disadvantage is that they have to prepare for a long time. You will not climb the mountain on the first attempt, nor will you ride the wave or conquer the airspace. Sometimes you have to train for months, or even more. But here you should not have any physical training. With any weight, age, body you can experience the same adrenaline after a 5-minute lecture.

Well, the most attractive plus is accessibility. It is not always possible to find something that suits the whole family at once. Especially since you need to remember the children who are afraid of heights or can not perform complex instructions. There is no risk in the wind tunnel. The instructor will always adjust the baby, help him get comfortable and you do not have to worry about his safety. But how much joy he will receive from the fulfillment of a dream.

You can use a single flight or order a pipe for the whole company to have fun with friends.

The equipment is constantly tested and diagnosed. Do not worry about the costumes, as there are all sizes. You will find the correct form, which will not hamper movement, but guarantees safety during the flight. You can discuss with the instructor the amount of time. For the first time, you can choose the smallest - just a few minutes. This will help you get comfortable in the new space. But do not forget that time flies very quickly. You can also divide the time into several visits to discuss with the instructor maneuvers and execution techniques. You can order a holiday for the whole family.

Such an experience can be a priceless gift for any person. Therefore, if you do not know what to give, think about the possibility to purchase a certificate. Come to the place 40 minutes before the start, because you need to register, change clothes and listen to the instructions.

What do you get in the end? A lot of unforgettable impressions, new experience, as well as videos and photos to share with friends. All interesting details about the flight in the wind tunnel can be found on the site Here you can sign up for a flight, ask questions and watch videos of other participants. Now you know about another affordable and safe way to get new sensations and make your childhood dream come true. Weightlessness has never been more accessible.

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