Roscosmos resumes space tourism program

Roscosmos resumes space tourism program

Do you dream to go into space and see the planet in all its glory or to visit the ISS? You do not have to go through the difficult path of an astronaut. Just start saving and book tickets from Roscosmos.

Space Flight

We have already described the hot offers and options for tourist flights in the article “How much does a flight into space to an ordinary person cost? Prices and 4 offers that cannot be waived ”. On the agenda is considered a new news - Russia plans to resume and develop the program of space tourism.

To be more precise, Roskosmos never stopped doing this, simply because of the pricing policy in recent years there was no particular demand for the service. Recently, the general director of the corporation Dmitry Rogozin announced two purchased places for tourists on the Soyuz spacecraft, designed for flights in 2020-2021.

The standard program includes a flight to the ISS and a short-term (just over a week) stay with the astronauts in order to taste the cosmic life. How much would such a service cost?

At the origins of space tourism

Roscosmos resumes space tourism program

It is interesting that it was the Soviet ship Soyuz that became the first transport for launching tourists into space. The prerequisites arose back in 1990-1991, when the first commercial astronauts from Japan and the UK were sent to Mir station. Since 2001, Roscosmos and Space Adventures have signed a contract for tourist flights. Now the Russian space tour will cost anyone who wants $ 30-40 million (earlier $ 20-23 million). There is also an additional service - a space walk, for which you will have to pay an additional $ 3 million.

If Roscosmos does not like it, then there are two more sentences:

  • Virgin Galactic: a suborbital 2.5-hour flight with 5-6 minutes of weightlessness for $ 250,000.
  • SpaceX: a flight to the moon for $ 300 million (but the price is constantly decreasing due to the desire of Ilona Mask to make space flights available).

That is, you can go on a suborbital journey and see the curvature of the Earth, visit the ISS, or book a cruise in lunar orbit.


Dmitry Rogozin considers SpaceX as the main competitor in space tourism. But he says that seats in the Union will be much cheaper. Although here you can still argue, given the recent successes of the new crew of the SpaceX Dragon 2. Space on the ship the Union costs 80-82 million dollars to an astronaut, but for sitting in Dragon 2 you will need to pay only 20 million dollars.

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