Types of air heating

Types of air heating

Along with the usual gas and electric heating, it is increasingly possible to see air heating systems. The main difference between the latter is air as the main coolant. For its heating can be used gas, solid fuel boiler or electrical system. High performance ratio will provide solid-fuel fireplace Kratki. Installation of indirect heat generators is possible. Also, heating systems are divided into several types, depending on the principle of operation.


For the operation of the mechanism uses only indoor air, without influx from the outside. The flow of heat flows into the room is carried out by the duct system. When climbing up, they give off heat, and when they are cooled they return back to the stove. Air movement can be:

  • with mechanical impulse when the streams are moved with the help of a fan;
  • with natural circulation, when cold and hot masses move according to the laws of physics, due to different density.

The second option is not as popular as it is more cold in the zone where a person is staying than warm. Installing the fans will achieve maximum heat effect. In addition to heating country houses, the coercive system is effective in heating large enterprises, trading halls and other large facilities.

With partial circulation

Unlike the previous method, for indoor heating, both indoor air and supply air are used. Additionally requires the installation of exhaust ventilation, responsible for the withdrawal of cold streams on the street. To improve the efficiency of operation, reduce heat loss, heat recuperators are used.


Heating according to this scheme involves the heating of air masses taken outside. The warm air generated by burning wood, coal, rises up the canals naturally, without coercion. During the movement of heat is transferred to the walls or the floor, and cooled streams go outside. In comparison with the previous schemes, this one is not distinguished by high productivity, therefore it is practically not used in modern buildings.

Also, heating structures are divided into sub-species according to the method of laying: floor and ceiling. In the first embodiment, the air supply is realized from the bottom up, and in the second - vice versa.

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