Can we see the Sun and the stars from Venus

Can we see the Sun and the stars from Venus

The Venusians have never seen the Earth, the Sun, and the starry sky. This idea is suggested by the characteristics of the second planet of the solar system. If so, then future earthly colonists will have to live with a monotonous landscape.

Difficulties of life on Venus

More often thank that you were born on such a wonderful planet as Earth, because other worlds are very reluctant to host life, or at least tourists. Take at least the “evil earthly twin” Venus. This planet in many ways resembles the Earth and even almost converges in size, but we face a terrible hell.

Let's skip moments with high temperatures of 462 ° C and acid rain. We have already written about this world in articlesSnow on Venus ...” or “Inhabit Venus ...”. However, this planet has too many oddities.

For example, it rotates in the opposite direction (Uranus does this) and makes it incredibly slowly. In fact, Venus is considered the champion in axial rotation, which takes about 243 days. But today a special interest was caused by the atmospheric layer.

Choking atmosphere

Can we see the Sun and the stars from Venus

X interpretation of the surface of Venus

The planet is famous for a dense atmospheric layer, represented by carbon dioxide and nitrogen. It is she who creates the orange haze of Venus and because of her for a long time it was not possible to examine the very surface of the celestial body.

It is also interesting that it rotates much faster than the planet itself, performing a full turn in 4 days. Most frightening wind. For example, Dmitry Titov from the Max Planck Society said that almost the entire Venusian atmosphere is a continuous large-scale hurricane, the nature of which still cannot be explained.

Forever Lost Night Sky

Can we see the Sun and the stars from Venus

Photograph of the surface of Venus, extracted in 1977 by Venus-10

The first black and white images of the surface of Venus were obtained only in 1975 with the landing of Venus-9. It was mentioned above that the atmosphere did not allow to see deeper. But, if it is so dense, then the question arises:

Can the colonists or any inhabitants of Venus see the stars, the Sun and other planets, as the people of Earth do? ”.

To this question pushed comment mathematics Chin Yen. On one of the forums he wrote:

Because of the slow rotation of Venus, the Sun appears every 58.38 days. But Venusians are not destined to see sunrise and sunset, because the atmosphere blurs the sunlight. ”

It turns out that there really is a point. The atmospheric layer has reached such a density that at night the time period you could not admire the stars. You also would not be able to look at changing sunrise and sunset in the opposite direction (from west to east).

There is confirmation from the Soviet missions Venus. Color photographs showed that the daytime sky looked completely yellow or close to orange. To see the Earth, the Moon, and Mercury would have to rise above the cloud cover. Here already seem recognizable sunlight and light blue sky.


Usually on other planets we are preparing to observe at least a dark sky, but Venus will close all kinds of yellow curtain. We'll have to get used to this state of affairs, or to create tourist ships, raising to a height for review. Share your thoughts on this.

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