The series “Univer. New dormitory "ninth season

The series “Univer. New dormitory

How often do you watch modern Russian TV shows? Which of them are remembered the most? Most likely, not many, but “Univer” - this is certainly an exception to the rule. Why is that?

"Univer. A new hostel ”is the serial film that managed to conquer the often impregnable minds and hearts of many viewers in a short period of time. He is very exciting, and most importantly - fun. The series about young and active students who can laugh at themselves gives joy and improves the mood of the whole family, regardless of the gender and age of the audience. Sitcom started on the Russian television channel TNT 4 years ago, in 2011, and almost immediately won the attention of the public. Every 6 months, the creators of this series please numerous viewers with their fresh, interesting and original season. Each of them tells about the ironic, hard and often very comical life of typical students of Russia in the dormitory.

In the new, 9th season of the TV series "Univer" viewers will be able to enjoy new pictures of interesting and rich life of the resulting couples. This time, the main storyline will be the coexistence of a pair of Anton and Christina, who decided to build their own cozy nest. We can watch their victories and defeats on the TNT channel. Whether they can get along is the question. This is already clear: young people have a hard time doing it, even on the condition that the dad-oligarch takes all the material costs. The creators of the fascinating series have not forgotten about other couples. They, too, are struggling for the possibility of sharing and, most importantly, a happy living. For example, the novel by Michael and Vari will continue to gain momentum, although Michael will have a hard time. This is because long-time communication with Zuev will henceforth be not only working, but also informal. Vale will also get it. After all, under the strict control and care of his girlfriend, the guy will roll down to a humiliating title - a toilet cleaner. Observing all this, it may seem that in private life only Yana and Ivanych are lucky, who alone have their money and save up for a brand-new swallow!

Interestingly, the new, 9th season of the popular TV series “Univer” will not be like all previous seasons. From now on, viewers will be able to observe many personal stories, options to preserve relationships and increase feelings. Viewers expect a lot of personal history and ways to preserve feelings for their halves.

So, if you understand what it is about and who are all the people mentioned above, then hurry to watch online the series "Univer. New hostel" season 9 online on our website. We guarantee good quality material and great mood after viewing. If you have never watched this comedy series about the life of students in the hostel, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the storyline and the main characters of the series by reviewing previous seasons. Thus, you will be able to spend your free time quite fascinatingly and interestingly on your own, or in a cheerful company of friends, with your family. This is especially true when the weather is bad.

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