A powerful earth beacon allows you to send a signal to the aliens

A powerful earth beacon allows you to send a signal to the aliens

New laser equipment on Earth can be used as a strong beacon that can attract the attention of intelligent life at a distance of 20,000 light years from us.

If some advanced aliens share space neighborhoods with us, then earthlings can get their attention with the help of a laser beacon. A new study suggests that a 1-2 megawatt laser passing through a 30-45 meter telescope on Earth can create a signal that alien astronomers will detect at a distance of up to 20,000 light years.

Scientists believe that this is a difficult, but very real project. Today's types of lasers and telescopes are capable of forming a detectable signal that seems abnormal to aliens and makes us look in our direction.

For example, three such telescopes will be launched into the network in the early to mid-2020s. The US Air Force is also working on developing a megawatt class laser for the Airborne Laser project, which was developed to disable missiles in the melee. A new type of laser will release infrared radiation - longwave light, invisible to the human eye. Researchers believe that such a signal will be strong enough and clear so that the Sun’s strong signature does not drown it out. However, there are certain dangers. The visible beam can damage eyesight to anyone who looks directly at it. In addition, it will prevent the transfer of photos and data from the ship flying past. Therefore, if possible, it is better to create this system outside of the planet Earth.

The safest place - location on the moon. As a result, powerful lasers are able to help you go to the nearest worlds or send a message to intelligent aliens. For example, there is the Starsthrough Breakthrough project, aimed at using a huge laser array to accelerate tiny nano-probes with sails in the direction of exoplanets. So you can achieve 20% of the speed of light.

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