Billboards in space. What does a Russian startup offer?

Billboards in space. What does a Russian startup offer?

The Russian company announced that it plans to develop a concept for creating giant billboards in space. If everything goes according to plan, then next to the stars and the moon the night sky will be decorated with advertisements Coke, McDonald's and KFC. Perhaps they will begin to appear already in 2021.

It is worth thinking about this topic. On the one hand, we have an incredible technological miracle. StartRocket is going to launch dozens of tiny satellites (CubeSats) to an orbital altitude of 280 miles above the Earth. To do this, use one rocket. Then the satellites will be placed in a certain order and deployed large-scale reflective sails to correct the sun's rays on the planet.

Each of the sails can be controlled independently, as we have the semblance of pixels. The report states that billboards will be able to display ads throughout the year. Such projects have never before been carried out on such a scale. But there is another side to the question. Many experts believe that this is a wonderful technology, but its use is a dummy. Space, therefore, is crowded and near-earth orbit suffers from debris. And who wants to watch large-scale commercials instead of the starry sky? Supporters of the project say that advertising will be shown in strictly allotted hours (twilight and evening), but this will increase the level of light pollution.

This type of aerial advertising must be approved by all regulatory agencies, which can take a long time.

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