China installed a telescope on the moon in 2013

China installed a telescope on the moon in 2013

Chinese astronomers have shown that a small robotic telescope has been operating on the surface of the moon for 18 months.

The moon-based ultraviolet telescope is the first lunar functioning telescope robot sent aboard China's Chang'e 3 in 2013.

Since then, he has produced 2000 monitoring hours of 40 different stars, reports New Scientist.

Having a working ultraviolet telescope on the moon is a very important discovery. The moon has a different, more subtle atmosphere in contrast to the Earth, so some celestial objects that cannot be seen from Earth can be detected from the lunar surface. In addition, the slow rotation of the moon allows the telescope to remain concentrated on the same point for several days, while it cannot be done from the Earth.

Little Chinese secret has outlived one year of life expectancy. The mission may be extended at the end of this year.

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