Scaling the Columbus module

Scaling the Columbus module

The Columbus outboard is located in the center of the image. He is transferred to a workstation in the new premises of the Kennedy Space Center (Florida).

The weight of the cylindrical module - more than 10 tons (without payload). It should have a laboratory equipment case, storage units and three working astronauts. The contrast between the sizes of people and the module strikes. Moreover, this is just one of 16 similar structures rotating at an altitude of 400 km.

Various European scientific teams participated in its planning, construction and installation of parts. It was also necessary to guarantee its transportation across the Atlantic. This image was completed in 2006 after the module arrived at the launch pad. Another one and a half years passed and in 2008 Columbus was on the ISS. The module has been operating for 10 years.

To mark the anniversary, on February 7, within the walls of the technical center of the Netherlands, they decided to organize a festive meeting for all who worked on the project.

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