Pass the exam with the highest score!

Pass the exam with the highest score!

Every student knows that after graduation he will have to go through one of the most stressful tests - the Unified State Exam. This is a mandatory test of knowledge, which is carried out in schools of secondary general education to check the level of graduate. Indicators are incredibly important, as they are used for admission to a higher educational institution. That is, this is a kind of transitional stage, reflecting your base and the chances of entering the university.

The heightened importance of the event forces some to prepare almost from kindergarten or to choose specialized schools. However, most are faced with this problem almost before release. And then what? The fact is that schools are designed for a huge flow of students and cannot guarantee a high level of knowledge for each student. The teachers provide statistics on the average score, in which there are both 100% excellent students and drummers with troechnik. And let's not forget that a lot of material is given in the form of cramming and by the time of surrender the child comes with porridge in his head. Let us add stress, importance of the test and its result, and we get frequent failures even for excellent students who are simply lost in such conditions.

How to help? To do this, contact Center for the preparation of the exam "Five of Five". This is the Federal educational network, existing since 2009. The date of the foundation should be taken into account, because the mandatory exam itself also appeared in 2009, which means that the Center is involved from the very beginning in the preparation process and is up to date with all the most important nuances and requirements. Why precisely “Five from five”? The fact is that not only professional teachers, but highly specialized ones work with children. We know that the school is trying to impart as much knowledge as possible, but only a small part of it is postponed. Here, tutors know how to properly lay out system information about the subject and what is the focus of the exam.

Regular tutoring seems devoid of a system. In addition, the payment is issued by the hour, and unscrupulous teachers prefer to stretch time to earn more. It also strictly adheres to the system so that the student has developed the correct mode of assimilation of information. Teachers have a responsible approach to the learning process and are really concerned about the final results, because not only their reputation, but also the institution depends on it.

At the Center, the student gets what is so difficult to achieve at school. This is an individual approach. The teacher will appreciate your standard knowledge and be able to find the gaps and weaknesses that need to be focused. In addition, there is always the opportunity to get more data on a specific issue. One of the main principles is equality. The group will not be the first, last or favorite. The head gives time to everyone and gives all the best that all went at the same high level.

Of course, it happens that some people need more time to master the information. That is why it is possible to take a course at your own pace, which removes pressure from the child and helps him to perceive the material comfortably. The student should not worry about the passes that occur due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, the material is being finalized as part of another group. If the disease was the cause, the cost of the lesson is deducted and refunded. What stands out “Five of five”? The fact is that here you get specialized training. Teachers are familiar with the very structure of the exam and its construction. Therefore, during your studies, knowledge is given so that you can tack as easily as possible in this process and not be lost in real life. Of course, stress is always present. Therefore, you can pass the test delivery. Then you will see with your own eyes what you have to face and you will not be nervous. There is also the option of a trial session on the subject of interest to you. You will be able to see how the educational process will take place and get acquainted with the main principles of the Center.

The group recruits up to 8 people, which allows the teacher to devote the necessary time to each, as well as put the child in an environment of motivated and study-focused peers.

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