The general theory of relativity again passes the test in space

The general theory of relativity again passes the test in space

In the illustration, a hot and dense expanding cloud of debris unfolds from neutron stars to their collision.

Gravity is still a difficult subject to study. It moves in space like a wave, recalling the principle of the movement of light. But such waves are thin and difficult to fix. They arrive in huge quantities only after massive events, like a collision of black holes.

Humanity managed to determine the first gravitational wave only in 2015. But in 2017, it turned out for the first time to detect gravitational waves and light from a single event - a collision of a neutron star. Now scientists are using the details of this event to confirm some basic facts about the universe.

In a new study, experts reported that they could not find any evidence of problems with the theory of gravity. Scientists thought that gravity is able to penetrate the high dimensions (higher than the usual four for humans - up / down, on the sides, forward / back and time), although the light does not lead. If this happens, gravity will lose more energy than light as it passes through space. The analysis of light and gravitational waves in a collision event of neutron stars did not show anything of the kind. It seems that the whole gravity of our dimension remains where it should be. That is, everything corresponds to the predictions of Albert Einstein in his general theory of relativity. The new study also analyzed gravitational waves. The researchers wanted to understand whether a graviton (a theoretical particle carrying gravity) is capable of mass, like other particles. If there was such a thing as a massive graviton, then the gravitational waves should also be observed mass and signs of momentum. This could be a violation of the theory of relativity. And again, this did not happen.

Speaking in general, the researchers again confirmed the functionality of Einstein's theory of gravity. No one denies that one day things can change. But so far this does not happen even when two neutron stars collide.

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