Video: Flying Over Pluto Lands

Video: Flying Over Pluto Lands

In 2015, the first frames of the mysterious planet Pluto and its satellites from the New Horizons apparatus arrived, transmitting amazing details. Based on the collected information and computer models of the planet and Charon, scientists created a video offering to take a look at the unusual cold world.

You will be greeted by the mountains southwest of Satellite Planiti. Visit the dark craters and admire the Voyager Terra, and then move south to Pioneer Terra (remarkable deep holes).

A trip to Charon begins on the approach to the hemisphere. The device passes through the territory of the Canyon Seriniti Chasma, and then past the crater Dorothy Gale and the gloomy polar cap of Mordor.

All the “sights” have increased 2-3 times to display the details. For this also expanded colors.

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