OGE by geography 2018

OGE by geography 2018

School exams are a standard practice for developed countries, which every year try not only to retain a certain level of literacy of the population, but also to constantly improve it. Tests, quizzes, and various surveys are designed to check the degree to which a student has mastered subjects, as well as to identify difficult topics for which more time should be devoted to preparation. In addition, it is also an incentive for students. For example, the results of OGE on geography 2018 will necessarily affect the assessment in the certificate, which in turn will play an important role when entering a college or higher educational institution.

We are talking about children and adolescents who, at this stage of their life, acquire knowledge for the sake of obtaining good grades. Therefore, exams here are the best incentive. Relaxation and concessions can lead to negative consequences. OGE is the main state exam. It must pass all students of the 9th grade, testing their knowledge from the 5th in four subjects. It is important to understand that the tests will have to pass until all items are closed. The results allow you to go to the 10th grade or choose a college level.

Many are unhappy with this rating system and consider it superfluous. However, in reality, in some countries the situation is even more severe. For example, in Asian countries you can see a multi-stage system. Examinations are introduced almost from the 1st grade, and even then the results determine which primary, secondary and high school the child will attend. Then comes the institute and the choice of work. That is, it is enough to fail at one of the stages, and the student simply cannot count on a highly paid place. So in our case, the chances are much greater. But do not forget that Chinese and Japanese students have a high level of education, as well as greater diligence and discipline in their studies. Therefore, the main advantage of using exams as a motivation is seen here. Whatever it was, but OGE is perceived as a strong stress. Admission to the university and the sessions seem less frightening, because they relate to older people. Here we are talking about teenagers who are not always ready for pressure. That is why they try to come up with various ways to reduce pressure. Some parents pay for various tutors, but this is not always useful, as it is enough for a child to pass a certain set of knowledge at this stage, and not to dive deep into the topic. In addition, the method of simple cramming is used and with a strong experience everything can fly out of the head.

How to cope with the problem? The main enemy of any exam is fear. Man is afraid of the unknown. We are not even afraid of the result, lack of preparation or the level of complexity, but the procedure and conditions for passing. The child finds himself in an unknown environment in which everything points to the importance of the event. Studies show that even the best students are at risk of failing if the level of stress exceeds the norm. In addition, children are all different in nature. Modest and quiet often get scared and get lost on the test. Therefore, it is important to deal with this moment.

What to do? For such situations, there is the above site. It is designed to enable you to take an OGE test online for a selected subject. Thus two problems are solved at once. First, you will see with your own eyes what exactly you will have to face, and you will understand that there is nothing terrible in this, which means that you will not worry in a real situation. Secondly, get the opportunity to check your level of knowledge and understand what places you need to pull up. Suppose you want to take a geography test. Before you 27 questions, accompanied by answers. You need to tick the one that you think is right. Convenience is that the system immediately emphasizes the correct answer and you subconsciously remember it. Questions are accompanied by illustrations and diagrams that also affect visual memory. At the end, get your results and repeat the list of options with highlighted correct ones.

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