Moon Mimas - Saturn's "Death Star"

Moon Mimas - Saturn's

While we are crazy about the release of the movie “Outcast One. Star Wars: stories, it is worth remembering that in the solar system there is a moon resembling a known dangerous weapon.

Satellite Mimas suspiciously reminds the Death Star - a terrible weapon for destroying planets, terrorizing a distant galaxy.

But there is no reason to worry. In this Solar System deadly star is not observed. Mimas is a harmless and apparently lifeless stone world. But the view itself resembles the trillions of trillions of Star Wars fictional characters.

Then why do they look like distant relatives? Wasn’t Mimas ’creepy discovery inspired by the film’s creators, or is this Saturnian mystical moon trying to hint at something?

“We didn’t see the details until the Voyager spacecraft flew into the object in 1980. Therefore, the design of the death star was not based on the appearance of the satellite, ”said a representative of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Believe it or not, the suspicious resemblance is a banal coincidence.

Moon Mimas - Saturn's

The creator of the film, George Lucas, began the idea of ​​his Death Star in the 1970s before the release of “Star Wars: Episode IV - New Hope,” the first film of the saga (1977). The Death Star is an “ultimate weapon” with a laser that can destroy entire planets with just one shot. His mobility and disguise under the moon were perfect for sneaking up unnoticed. Although George Lucas could not know what Mimas looks like, he tried to disguise the spacecraft under the lunar type. Remember how Obi-Wan Kenobi says approaching her: "This is not the moon ... This is a space station!".

The coincidence of forms is possible because of the giant pool Mimas - crater Herschel. It was formed after the impact near the equator with a small object about 4.1 billion years ago. It is 86 miles (139 km) wide (1/3 of the diameter). The collision was so strong that scientists are surprised at the integrity of the moon.

The deadly weapon also has a large round imprint. But this is part of the superlaser.

DS-1 (original design) - the central point in the plot of the film, released on Friday (December 16). The spacecraft is 75 miles (120 km) in diameter, and the satellite is three times larger. Another DS-2 format is shown in “Return of the Jedi,” and it is increased by 100 miles (160 km), which is more than the first version, but less than the real moon.

The increase in the Herschel crater presents new distinctive features. The most obvious is form. This is more an oval than a circle. In the center there is a narrow peak about 4 miles (6 km) in height, which arose during the collision.

But everything else is very similar. Tiny craters create an external resemblance to the surface of the Death Star. Mimas may not have a high-tech type of weapon of mass destruction or signs of life, but thanks to the shock case, we are literally seeing a counterpart of a famous cine object.

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