The FENIX prototype is a small and convenient satellite amplifier

The FENIX prototype is a small and convenient satellite amplifier

Sometimes the key to innovation is incredibly simple. The Italian technology company D-Orbit applied this principle in the concept of its winning product, presented last year at a conference on space research. The competition encourages ideas for solving the main tasks of the space industry with commercial potential.

The idea from D-Orbit was simple and small. This is a prototype the size of a pen (10 cm by 2 cm). It will allow small satellites to work smarter and explore in depth. CubeSats with parameters 10 x 10 x 10 cm are deployed directly into orbit from space. Now these devices are deprived of the motor system to change the orbit or disorientation at the end of the mission. With the help of FENIX the situation can be changed.

Each of the four accelerators is filled with a solid propellant providing thrust. Runs a simple electric ignition system. Accelerators can be configured in each corner of the satellite or doubled on both sides. Lightness and compactness allows you to not take up much space. The introduction of business in the development of space technology allows you to promote such elegant projects as FENIX. Small satellites will be able to maneuver in orbits and expand their missions (explore the moon and asteroids from different angles). In low-Earth orbit, boosters will allow CubeSats to adjust the trajectory of atmospheric combustion to reduce the amount of space debris.

Sensors and cameras record sparks caused by an electrical impulse, and the team will be able to observe the testing at any place and time. FENIX plan to send to the space station at the end of 2019.

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