The mysterious signal did not turn out to be an alien message

The mysterious signal did not turn out to be an alien message

Scientists finally managed to solve the mystery of incomprehensible signals that were persistently coming from the nearest star. It is not surprising that rumors about an alien civilization appeared among the public.

But you have to leave those hopes for now. It turned out that this is interference from a remote satellite. Of course, researchers and previously stated that they do not consider aliens as the probable cause of the signals from Ross 128. This is a red dwarf, removed by 11 light years.

While lovers were wondering about extraterrestrial intelligence, scientists wondered whether it was bursts of stellar activity or emissions from nearby objects. Now they declare with confidence that this is a transmission from a geostationary satellite. The signals appeared exclusively around Ross 128, because it is located close to the celestial equator, where many geostationary satellites are located.

What do people think?

It is interesting that before the official verdict a poll was created, where 800 people took part, among them 60 are astronomers. Most dismissed the idea of ​​interference, believing that this was the least likely possibility. Not having all the details, people tend to refer to aliens at any opportunity.

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