Overview of uninterruptible power supply 3Cott 650 CNL

UPS 3Cott 650CNL - line-interactive UPS, sold in the store www.123.ru, intended primarily for the home. The model protects office, audio and video equipment from power surges, and also allows powering the equipment from the battery during a power outage. Bespereboynik can be controlled from a computer, as well as set operating modes.

Overview of uninterruptible power supply 3Cott 650 CNL

Build and Design

This source of uninterrupted power supply is a vertical unit, on the front panel of which there is an on / off button and indicator lights of operation modes. At the rear there are three euro sockets (Schuko standard), RJ-45 connectors for network connection (input and output), a USB communication port, a 220 V network connection cable, a fuse and a computer connection indicator. On the lower side - three longitudinal legs. Unfortunately, they are not rubberized, so do not prevent slipping. The device is made of durable black plastic, common to this type of device. The weight of the model is 4, 8 kg, so it is better to place it on the floor or on the bottom shelf.

What can do

The device is linear-interactive, which means:

  • protection against voltage drops in the network;
  • prevention of work in case of short circuit;
  • switching to battery power almost instantaneously - 2-5 ms;
  • long battery life;
  • protection of the network connection from impulse noise.


When the office computer and monitor are connected to the UPS, the backup battery backup time will be several tens of minutes. If you connect a powerful gaming machine and a monitor with a diagonal of 24 inches, then the battery life will be reduced to a few minutes. (The exact time depends on the individual configuration.) In a situation where there is no electricity and the equipment needs to be started for a short time (copy files, turn on the router), the “Cold Start” mode is provided.

Pros / Cons


  • price, it is really budget;
  • the battery is fully charged in 8-9 hours;
  • control from computer; cable included;
  • Green Mode, which does not allow to completely discharge the battery;
  • clear and simple LED indication.


  • non-rubber feet;
  • the same Green Mode mode, because of which it is impossible to power low-powered equipment from the battery (less than 100 W).


3Cott 650CNL - budget model with easy control, suitable for the average user who wants to protect his equipment in the first place against voltage surges and impulse noise in the network. The model will be the perfect assistant for people living in houses with old wiring, on the dacha and backyard areas, where the blackout is a very frequent phenomenon.

I would like to thank the internet hypermarket www.123.ru for the equipment provided for the test. And a separately responsive manager, Elena.

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