How to tie shoelaces on sneakers?

How to tie shoelaces on sneakers?

It is interesting to know that according to probability theory there are 2 trillion variants of tying shoelaces. The laces themselves were invented in the 13th century, but only 500 years later the idea arose of using them to fix shoes. Update the design of their sneakers is quite simple - just enough to change the lacing.

How to tie shoelaces on sneakers?

Some interesting facts

Despite the fact that today there are various ways of fixing shoes on the foot, such as Velcro or zipper, shoelaces do not lose their positions. Lace making was a hobby of the Australian Jan Figen. But over time, this business has grown into a business and today its ideas are actively used throughout the world. Some of the methods turned out to be much more efficient than the classical method, plus the fixation of the foot became the Australian developed a site where he teaches more and more new ways of lacing. Knowledge of English is not necessary, there are many pictures and videos that clearly demonstrate the whole process of tying. Also on the website of Yana you can know other useful information:

  • how to calculate the desired length;
  • how to fix the laces that are constantly untied;
  • what to pay attention to athletes;
  • how to lace up sneakers for children.

Original ways of lacing allow you to update the design of your favorite Nike Huarachi sneakers or another model.

How to tie shoelaces on sneakers?

The most original ways of lacing

There are 31 lacing methods that are used most often. But it is advisable to first practice in the techniques of tying sneakers and not to do this just before going out. Some options require multiple attempts. Cross or traditional lacing is known to most. It is this method that laces up all the nike huarache sneakers and other models. Other interesting and original ways:


  • beautiful view;
  • easy execution;
  • reduced wear of laces


  1. Secure the string in the lower holes.
  2. Cross the laces from the inside out and skip them into the top holes.
  3. Repeat to the very top and tie a knot.

"Ladder" or European lacing

  • fast execution;
  • original look;
  • the ability to easily cut with a knife and take off shoes in case of an unexpected situation.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Pull the cord from the bottom holes from the outside to the inside.
  2. Draw the cord in the right hand diagonally into the hole and then straight in the hole opposite.
  3. Fix the left cord in the opening diagonally through one and in a straight line into the hole opposite.
  4. Repeat the action algorithm.


  • elegant look;
  • heavy machinery performance;
  • need an even number of holes.


  1. Secure the laces in the lower holes and bring them inside.
  2. Draw the cord in the right hand from the inside to the hole in the top.
  3. Skip the same string into the hole opposite.
  4. Draw the cord in your left hand out into the hole through one. Then drag into the hole opposite. There should be two straight lines. Repeat the procedure, fix the laces in a knot.


  • perfect for nike air huarache ultra sneakers or other models;
  • heavy in execution;
  • better to take wide lacing.


  1. Secure the laces in the lower holes, from the inside to the outside.
  2. Pass the left shoe diagonally through two holes and out through one hole down to the outside.
  3. Repeat the same with the right cord.
  4. Again, pass the right shoe diagonally through two holes and pull it out through the hole below. Repeat the procedure, fix the ends of the laces in a knot.


  • the most feminine and artistic option;
  • best for lacing skates;
  • You should not lace up men's sneakers with this method.


  1. Draws laces in the lower holes on the inside.
  2. Skip the left shoe diagonally into the last hole from the top and do not touch it again.
  3. Drag the right shoe diagonally into the next hole and through it into the hole above.
  4. Then into the lower hole diagonally and again into the upper hole.
  5. Continue to lace up to the end, fix the bow.
How to tie shoelaces on sneakers?

This is only a small part of the possible lacing options. There are also the following methods:

  • hidden node;
  • double intersection;
  • chessboard;
  • with hidden node;
  • snake;
  • nodules;
  • two-color lacing;
  • butterfly;
  • gossamer;
  • ladder crosswise;
  • rhombus.

Having mastered only a few methods of original lacing, you can easily change your look even in some sneakers huarachi. Athletic shoes require one type of tying of laces, and elegant women's shoes are completely different. Just do not be lazy and try to master at least a few options. And the choice of lacing depends only on personal tastes.

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