Alien structure overlaps the star?

Alien structure overlaps the star?

KIC 8462852 Star in Infrared (2MASS) and Ultraviolet (GALEX) Reviews

Thanks to the cooperation of more than 200 researchers managed to take another step to unravel the most mysterious star of the universe. This is about KIC 8462852 (Star Tabby). It seems to be an ordinary object that is 50% larger than the Sun and 1000 degrees in temperature. Distant from us at 1000 light years.

The problem is that from time to time it fades without seemingly any reason. Among the theories, they even proposed an idea with an alien megastructure rotating around a star. The mystery is so intriguing that more than 1,700 people managed to raise $ 100,000 for research that united telescopes around the world.

The researchers hoped to catch the failure in real time and track the uniformity of depth at all wavelengths. If this were the case, then it is possible to assume as a reason something opaque, like an orbital disk, a planet, a star, or even an artificial structure. But it turned out that the level of the glow varies with different strengths at different wavelengths. Most likely, the whole thing in the dust. New information indicates that different colors of light are blocked with different intensities. So, we are not faced with an opaque object. The researchers closely watched the star and in 2017 captured 4 separate episodes of the change in glow. It is also important to note that due to remoteness, we are witnessing events that happened more than 1000 years ago.

Now you can declare the beginning of a new era in astronomy, where civilian scientists are making an increasing contribution and focus on interesting objects. Of course, the Kepler telescope also played an important role. The mission is looking for planets by fixing transits in front of the stars.

Not everyone agrees on the idea of ​​the effects of dust. Some are still considering ideas with alien structures, exocometries, and even the independent “extinction” of a star. It remains only to observe and seek confirmation.

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