Strange activity in the cave Davelis. Scientific explanation and versions of ufologists

Strange activity in the cave Davelis. Scientific explanation and versions of ufologists

If you find yourself near Mount Pandelikon, located near Athens (Greece), then ask the locals about the Davelis cave. You can hear many interesting legends about ghosts, aliens and the road to the other world.

This cave is hidden in a pine forest. Its back extends to 60 m in length and 20 m in height, also includes a network of tunnels. One of them leads to a beautiful underground pond, and the second, according to legend, will lead directly to Hell. Outside, the cave does not look mysterious, but it managed to become the site of many strange events, such as observations of ghosts, UFOs and paranormal objects.

Strange activity in the cave Davelis. Scientific explanation and versions of ufologists

Pendelicon Mountain (Athens, Greece)

Ancient History

Even the ancient people perceived this cave as an otherworldly place. For some time it was believed that this is a sacred place of worship of the god of nature Pan and his nymphs. Here we managed to find a lot of artifacts. When Christians came here, hermits began to use the cave.

In the 11th century, a church appeared in the form of two connected chapels near the cave entrance. In one of them, several unusual glyphs were found, which are attributed to anachoretic monks.

Strange activity in the cave Davelis. Scientific explanation and versions of ufologists

Church at the entrance to the Pendelikon cave

The cave became famous in the 19th century. They say that the criminal Davelis found shelter here, who became famous for robbing rich people.

Paranormal Activity

The cave has always been considered a place of strange phenomena. In the 19th century, people began to assert that mysterious voices were heard from the depths. Some people pick up the music, but they can't find the source. The strangeness of the cave was intensified by the surrounding landscape of dense pine forest.

In the 1960-1970s. Researchers of paranormal phenomena visited the cave. During this period, began an active hunt for UFOs. The main investigator was George Balanos. He assured that aliens were hiding in the mysterious corridors of the cave. But he failed to provide evidence, because the equipment was constantly failing. Even the flashlights and lamps failed.

Strange activity in the cave Davelis. Scientific explanation and versions of ufologists

A ghost hunter who reads an electromagnetic field that may indicate paranormal activity.

Government Involvement

The society had even more questions in 1977, when a group of workers and technicians, without naming the organization, installed barbed wire around the cave and began work using dynamite and bulldozers. At the post were round the clock security guards who did not let anyone into the territory.

It was believed that this could be employees of NATO, the American government or the Greek military. It was rumored that a secret bunker or storage facility for nuclear weapons was being created here. But it was also said that in the depths of the cave there was a portal to another world or a device for communicating with aliens. It was rumored that they could find an ancient UFO, which they are now trying to pull out and investigate. Despite the security, some “lucky ones” cut holes in the barbed wire and penetrated inside. After that, a huge number of strange stories arose.

Strange activity in the cave Davelis. Scientific explanation and versions of ufologists

Electromagnetic Field Concept

Two men said that in one of the corridors they found an amazing mechanism that seemed unearthly. Another couple (husband and wife) for a long time watched the terrain, until among the trees they noticed a flying saucer. She flew over the cave for several days and landed on a clearing one night.

The couple decided to look closer. It turned out that the hatch is open. The woman looked inside, screamed, and started running. Later she will tell that she saw a white oval creature with a height of 60 cm and two huge luminous eyes inside the plate. The husband never looked into the hatch, but said that he heard the bushes rustling and something passed through them. A few days later he will see the black sphere outside the car window, because of which he will fall into a hysterical state.

In 1983, all work inside the cave ceased, and the mysterious workers disappeared along with the equipment. They did not leave anything behind them, however, during the works, the cave corridors and the church were severely damaged. In addition, they threw several new corridors, created artificially. It is still unclear who these people were and what they did in the cave.

Why are there so many mystics?

Experts believe that all anomalous phenomena arise due to magnetic channels and disturbances in local electromagnetic fields. Neuroscientists have also suggested that electromagnetic fields can affect perception, causing people to feel as if an invisible being is present nearby.

Electromagnetic interference could explain the strange failures of technology inside the cave. However, ufologists do not agree, because it does not explain the interest of an unknown organization to the cave. It is still unclear what kind of work was carried out here, why additional corridors were created and why the Greek government does not give any explanation.

Ufologi believe that this place can serve as a base or temporary UFO station. Perhaps there was some kind of extraterrestrial unit beneath the surface that interfered with. He could be found or left attempts because of the threat. Some people say that they still hear voices from the cave. And there are those who are convinced that they are leading from the littered corridors directly to Hell. Perhaps it was this path that the mysterious organization was looking for?

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