Space dust carries life between worlds

Space dust carries life between worlds

Earthly life could have arisen from biological particles that arrived to us in streams of cosmic dust.

New data suggests that the rapidly moving streams of interplanetary dust, which are constantly attacking the earth's atmosphere, could deliver tiny organisms from alien worlds, and also send our organisms to other planets.

The assumption is that dust flows are capable of colliding with biological particles in the earth's atmosphere. And the energy will be enough to throw them into space. This would allow life to move from one planet to another on the territory of the solar system, and, possibly, beyond its line. It was previously believed that only an asteroid impact can be the most obvious mechanism for the delivery of organisms between worlds. But an analysis of scientists at the University of Edinburgh showed that powerful streams of cosmic dust accelerate to 70 km / s and can collide with atmospheric particles.

Particles are found at an altitude of 150 km and above, so they can be thrown out beyond the limits of planetary gravity. It is also known that some species of bacteria, plants and small animals have every chance to survive on such a journey.

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