Living conditions can be hidden inside Jupiter

Living conditions can be hidden inside Jupiter

Jupiter amazes us with its size, because it is the largest planet of the Solar System. Located at fifth position by distance from the Sun and belongs to the category gas giants. Usually we do not consider this type of planets as colonization due to inappropriate conditions. However, there is an assumption that under dense atmospheric layers hides not only an environment suitable for life, but even living organisms.

Giant Mysterious Planet

Due to its size, ancient people knew about Jupiter, who recorded the planet in various myths and even made it the main god. the lunar family of 79 rotates around this world, and the largest 4 has managed to find another Galileo Galileo.

Researchers are usually interested in precisely satellites, such as Europe, because they may have a subsurface ocean and life. Jupiter while ignoring, like the other giants. It is enough to recall a high level of gravity, as well as a temperature that can rise to +153 ° C (even to 6000 ° C at depth). But the most important thing is that the planet does not have a solid surface.

Theory from Karl Sagan

Living conditions can be hidden inside Jupiter

Still, there were those who decided that life on Jupiter (or rather inside it) is possible. An interesting theory was proposed by the famous astronomer and popularizer of science Karl Sagan. In 1 970s he suggested that life could be located in the upper atmospheric layer. But it is not based on oxygen, but on ammonia. It is important to recall that even at low altitudes, the indicators of density and temperature are still high, but the chemical evolutionary process has every chance of implementation. Moreover, Sagan did not refuse the option with water-carbon representatives of life. The fact is that in the atmospheric layer there is a large cloud of water vapor with favorable pressure and temperature heating.

Karl Sagan even modeled three types of possible life and gave them names:

- synker. These are incredibly small organisms with a rapid reproduction process and huge offspring. This is important because there are dangerous convection currents. It is enough to go beyond a certain layer and you will be dragged to the lower level.

- floaters. Before you are incredibly gigantic creatures whose size exceeds the city. They are shaped like balloons that release helium from the “body” and leave hydrogen, which allows it to soar in the atmosphere.

- hunters. These are real predators, who with great pleasure will have lunch with floaters.

Scientists now do not take this theory seriously, but Sagan did calculations based on chemical and physical data.

Presence of the Ocean

Living conditions can be hidden inside Jupiter

Internal structure of Jupiter

There is a hypothesis which asserts that approximate earth conditions are observed at a great depth. But the most interesting thing is that there is a gigantic ocean, which is half a million times larger than the terrestrial world ocean. Consists of ammonia, methane, water and salts. In such a place, life could originate, since the necessary energy comes from the sun, ultraviolet rays, lightning and radioactivity. Of course, it is difficult to prove or disprove, because no one can not only descend to such a depth, but also consider it from a distance.


So, we are not going to go hunting for floaters or searching for the ocean of Jupiter. But all these ideas once again remind us of what an amazing time we live and what kind of knowledge we have. By the way, among the colonization projects one is still considering the opportunity to go to Jupiter. The truth will have to make an extremely durable model that resembles a dirigible. And the colonies would have to live as carefully as possible at a certain level, because there is a high risk of being in the air stream, which will tear the colonist apart.

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