Martian Spiders pose for NASA

Martian Spiders pose for NASA

Thousands of Martian spiders appear in the full image of NASA MRO

No, these are not terrible monsters of the Red Planet and not terrible giant spiders from horror films. Before you are unusual landscape features that have come to be called the Martian spiders due to the external similarity of the form with arachnids.

NASA's MRO image shows dark formations spread over a lighter background. Agency representatives report that they are characterized by several channels that converge at a point, because of its resemblance to spider legs.

The HiRISE camera team tweeted pictures to attract civilian scientists to identify Martian features. The volunteers of the Planet Four project (Fourth Planet) are looking at the shots of the southern polar region of Mars and are looking for interesting formations. These efforts help the MRO team plan how to take the following images. Spiders are created by a seasonal process caused by the loss of subsurface carbon dioxide warming and passing from solid to gas. As a result, the gas breaks in the form of a jet capable of precipitating darker dust streaks around it. That is how one of the most intriguing and potentially terrible topographical landmarks of the Red Planet is created.

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