Is Planet 9 abducted by exoplanet?

Is Planet 9 abducted by exoplanet?

The mysterious origin of a hypothetical planet that may be hiding in remote regions of the solar system has just received a strange continuation.

Astronomers are doing their best to track down any visible signs of a large, not open planet traveling to the far corner of the Solar System. We have a pretty good idea that it exists, but so far there is no visual evidence.

The fact that it was not detected using infrared or optical observations is actually a pretty good indicator of how far and how big this thing is. Of course, this is not the first time astronomers have discovered a hypothetical massive object hiding in the outer part of the solar system, but this time the evidence is rather convincing.

Astronomers have already done some work in the study of Planet-9, but on Tuesday, May 31, researchers made a sensational statement: What to do if Planet-9 was not formed around the Sun? Maybe this is an alien world, abducted by our Sun billions of years ago? In other words, Planet 9 is an ex-exoplanet? "It sounds paradoxical! While astronomers are looking for exoplanets at a distance of hundreds of light years from Earth in other star systems, perhaps one such wanderer is in the backyard of our solar system," said astronomer Alexander Mastil from Lund University, Sweden

According to Mastille, about 4, 5 billion years ago, when our Sun was still a star child, solar gravity may have displaced the planet from orbit around a nearby star. This theory is not so fantastic. Stars are often born in molecular clouds that form dense clusters of stars. As planets form around these stars, their orbits can be destabilized and sent to interstellar space.

Time passed, the young stars parted, and their planetary systems stabilized, but these systems can easily contain planets that were not formed around this star. Did this happen to Planet 9? Computer simulation conducted by Mastil and his team indicates that this is possible. "Planet 9 could have been pushed out by other massive planets, and when the orbit became too wide, our Sun may have taken the opportunity to steal and capture Planet 9. When the Sun later moved away from the star cluster in which it was born, Planet 9 was stuck in orbit around the sun, "said Mustil.

Calculations of the mass of Planet-9 showed that it is 10 times more massive than our Earth and can be a rocky world or be an ice giant like Neptune or Uranus. If this mysterious world was not born from the protoplanetary disk of our Sun, then how does its composition differ from the composition of other planets in the solar system?

As the researchers note, it would be very ironic if Planet 9 came to us from another star system and would become the closest (ex) exoplanet to Earth.

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