Ilon Musk will launch his car into space

Ilon Musk will launch his car into space

SpaceX representatives confirmed that Ilon Musk seriously intends to send his car into deep space

On December 6, SpaceX representatives confirmed that their CEO, Ilon Mask, plans to send his cherry-colored electric car to the Red Planet. The start will happen next month with the Falcon Heavy rocket.

Last week, Musk wrote about this idea on Twitter, and many thought it was just a joke. But the director says that this will be the first payload for the rocket. Destination - the Martian orbit. If the car does not explode when entering, it will spend a billion years in space. Falcon Heavy pondered how the most powerful rocket in the world, designed to transport people to the Moon and Mars. It is capable of carrying 54 metric tons of weight. But its power is ahead of Saturn-5, which last flew in 1973. In Soviet times, there were two more large missiles - N1 and Energy.

Falcon Heavy - three Falcon 9 rockets, created in California together with 27 engines, instead of 9. The exact launch date has not yet been established, but is planned for January 2018. Musk says that such a large rocket could explode, so he did not leave anything irreplaceable or sentimental in it.

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