Martian "spiders" are located in unexpected locations


The MRO camera captured the new Martian “spider” outside the southern multi-layered fields.

Volunteers helped scientists from the University of Oxford to find varieties of relief, called spiders. But they were not located where they were expected to be. Spiders - surface erosion, represented by a grid of cracks.

They are usually formed at the South Pole of the Red Planet, where carbon dioxide is transformed into ice in the winter period. When the seasons change, the sun's rays penetrate the transparent ice and warm the surface. It is eroded, gas breaks out and tears off small pieces of dirt. The image above resembles the image of a spider.

Previously, they were always searched for in South Polar layered sediments. But a group from the Planet Four project: Terrains found a new formation at a different location. The project started in 2015 and became the first place where ordinary amateurs could collaborate with scientists. Now it is attended by 1.6 million people around the world. More than 10,000 volunteers helped view 20,000 images that spiders, craters, and other surface marks appeared. The finding hints that spiders can be found in other places, which means we will better understand the process of carbon dioxide formation.

Nothing like we do not meet in terrestrial conditions. But such spiders can be created on Neptune's Triton. Studying spiders helps to make a list of differences between Mars and Earth, which means it is better to prepare for its conditions.

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