New four giants with short periods


New four giants with short periods

Scientists have discovered 4 new giant exoplanets. In size, they are slightly inferior to Jupiter and have short orbital passages. HATSouth, a network of 6 telescopes in South America, Africa and Australia, was used for the search. Their goal is to search for transit extrasolar planets in the orbits of bright stars observed from the southern hemisphere. The system has been functioning since 2009 and has already discovered dozens of objects.

Today, the list of exoplanets will increase, as the new four will be listed among them: HATS-43b, HATS-44b, HATS-45b and HATS-46b. At first they were considered to be planetary candidates, but after checking in spectrometers and photometric observations became full-fledged planets.

New four giants with short periods

Opaque Transit Light Curves for HATS-43

The largest is HATS-45b, whose massiveness is only 30% less than that of Jupiter. The orbital period is 4.19 days.

HATS-46b has the largest orbital passage - 4.74 days. It reaches only 17% of the mass of Jupiter and 0.9 of its radius.

HATS-43b and HATS-44b are similar in radius - 1.07 Jupiter. The first has a mass of 0.26 Jupiter and a period of 4.3 days, while the second has a mass of 0.56 masses of Jupiter and 2.74 days.

The discovery of these worlds is extremely important as it replenishes the collection of planetary systems and allows us to develop technologies for searching and characterizing exoplanets.

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