Will you help build a galaxy?

Will you help build a galaxy?

Galaxies are complex. This example shows the tidal interaction of UGC 1810 with a neighbor, where the final appearance resembles a rose. This would be difficult to create using automated programs.

Have you ever wanted to participate in the creation of the galaxy? Now you have the opportunity! Galaxy Builder is a new civil sciences project from the University of Portsmouth, where volunteers are reconstructing images of galaxies to help astronomers better understand their formation.

The project is part of the Zooniverse program - the world's largest and most popular web portal for civilian scientists. He was created by a postgraduate student Type Lingard from the Institute of Cosmology and Gravity. Spiral galaxies can be broken up into smaller building blocks: a thin galactic disk, a lumpy central bulge, a rectangular elongated rod and spiral arms. Every detail can be recreated using known equations. But the bottom line is that galaxies are too complex, so the computer will not be able to automatically build the true look.

Therefore, we need civilian scientists. Having a guide, convincing that the constructed image of the galaxy corresponds to the real one, it is possible to obtain mathematical profiles for the building blocks of most galaxies. If you are interested in the project, go to: www.zooniverse.org/projects/tingard/galaxy-builder.

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