What can be seen with the home telescope

What can be seen with the home telescope

Since ancient times, stars cause great interest among people. And if several years ago not everyone could afford to buy a telescope, now it is no longer a luxury. But what can be seen in the lens of an amateur telescope, without using professional optics?

Start with a review of the moon. Perhaps this is the first celestial object that can be viewed closer to the simplest and most inexpensive telescope. But, if you want to see some traces of old satellites and alien ships, you will be disappointed. In addition to the craters from the fall of meteorites, you will find nothing else. But it will be quite interesting to study the surface of the moon in detail. The sun is also of great interest, but you can’t look at it without special filters.

We look at the planets

No less popular for observation through a telescope - Mars. It is located at a distance of one and a half times farther from the Sun than the earth. The fourth planet from the sun, so beloved by science fiction writers and documentaries, will be perfectly visible in a more powerful telescope. The minimum apparatus, which is needed for this, can be considered a 150-millimeter reflector or a 100-millimeter refractor. One of the most interesting objects for beginning astronomers is the largest planet Jupiter. In a small telescope (60-90 mm) with a hundred-fold increase, you can clearly see the northern and southern equatorial belts of the planet.

Saturn is not less interesting object to see. Often, many are not interested in the body itself, but in the rings around it. They can be seen even in a low-power telescope.

How to see nebulae and other objects

The contemplation of the Orion Nebula will impress you. If you look at the constellation with the naked eye, then you can see only a slight glow. Through binoculars you will see a small bright cloud, but it is worth picking up more powerful optics and the nebula will immediately appear in all its glory. To do this, you need a telescope with a 300 mm lens, in which you can even see some chromaticity.

The nebula called Pleiades cluster is located in the constellation Taurus and has about a thousand stars. Unfortunately, in a normal telescope you will see only a couple of dozen “points”. In the apparatus with a lens of 125-180 mm, the nebula can be seen as a dim spot with a bright dot in the center. The Andromeda Galaxy is another object chosen by science fiction and space game developers. It is located at a distance of 2, 5 million light years can be considered as such. It can be seen even with powerful binoculars, and in the amateur telescope you will see a clearer picture.

And the most interesting object for beginners is the highest pipe or tower in your city.

Telescope selection

If you plan to buy a telescope, but have no idea what to look for, use the services of the TechnoPortal http://technoportal.ua/binokli-teleskopy-mikroskopy/variations-teleskopy.html. This is a convenient price-aggregator, where telescopes of many popular online stores are collected. Here you will find models of telescopes for every taste, find useful information and purchase goods at a favorable price.

And then it remains only to hoist the lens on a tripod, direct it towards the depths of space and, armed with an atlas of the starry sky, begin the review.

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