Installation of a giant telescope in Hawaii is questionable

Installation of a giant telescope in Hawaii is questionable

The Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii ruled to revoke the permission to erect a thirty-meter telescopic device.

On 58 pages, the court explained that the Hawaiian Land and Natural Resources Council did not hold a public hearing on this issue and erroneously issued permission to build a telescope. Now, the Council can re-issue permission to build a giant telescope only after holding such hearings.

“We are grateful to the Hawaiian Supreme Court for the timely consideration of the case and respect the decision rendered. We are also ready to go through a legal procedure for the implementation of our project, ”said Henry Young, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Observatory. “We carefully plan our future activities and express our gratitude to the people of the state of Hawaii and supporters of our actions that have been going on for more than eight years.” Presumably the telescope will be mounted on the peak of Mauna Kea, the highest point in the state. Disputes and discrepancies arose because of the religious beliefs of the indigenous population of the state. The mountain is considered a home for divine beings and, according to the inhabitants, can only be used for religious ceremonies.

Since the 1960s, the University of Hawaii has been actively using this surface for astronomical activity. There have already been installed 13 telescopes, but they all pale in comparison with the 30-meter giant.

Environmental activists also regularly express concern about the prospect of building the second largest telescope in the world. They are worried about the consequences for the environment after the construction of a giant the size of a 18-storey house.

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