Incident in Anafart - 1915. What happened to the missing 200 British soldiers in the fog

Incident in Anafart - 1915. What happened to the missing 200 British soldiers in the fog

The events of 12 August 1915 still remain a mystery, both for historians and ufologists. The fact is that during the confrontation of the British and Turkish armies at a certain moment more than 200 soldiers disappeared, turned out to be hidden in a thick fog.

The story goes that the 1/5 British battalion of the Norfolk Regiment was advancing on the village of Anafarta (in the bay of Suvla). After a long artillery bombardment, the local forest caught fire. Eyewitnesses saw about 260 people continued the attack on the village, entered the hollow and disappeared in thick fog. When the mist cleared, the soldiers disappeared. No bodies, no weapons or living eyewitnesses.

Further investigation after the war managed to find about 180 bodies of British soldiers from the 1/5 battalion. They were so disfigured that only a few people knew, and the rest were identified by form. The local farmer admitted that he found them during the war. It turned out that his farm was literally littered with corpses, so he threw them into a small ravine.

Incident in Anafart - 1915. What happened to the missing 200 British soldiers in the fog

There are three theories of what could have happened. In the first place blame on the Turkish army. It is believed that the Turks surrounded the British soldiers and subjected them to brutal torture, after which they were killed (most likely with bayonets). But the Turkish government continues to assert that it has nothing to do with this event. There are also no documents where the history of the battalion is 1/5. However, it is still beneficial for them to lie, because this is a war crime. The second option indicates the error of the British themselves. They did not have detailed maps of the area, the soldiers could go astray, and came under fire from the Allies. The fog caused by the fire, which hid them from sight, served as guilt.

The third option is most liked by ufologists, because it includes the case of alien participation. Many historians agree that the story seems very strange. How could more than 200 people literally disappear from the battlefield in front of the other soldiers? Questions and the emergence of fog. Some described it as a dense thick yellowish cloud, which still hung over a certain territory.

One of the British veterans told:

It was an absolutely cloudless day. But in the air, 6-8 clouds were seen in the form of round bread loaves. They were all the same shape and hung close to the ground. A strong wind was blowing, but the clouds did not move and remained in shape. At a distance of 280-360 m from the battlefield was the largest cloud. Its parameters covered 800 x 200 x 200 feet and seemed to consist of dense (even solid) matter.

Together with the other 22 soldiers, I watched what was happening from the trench. I myself saw more than two hundred soldiers enter this fog, but none of them appeared at the height that they were supposed to occupy. Then all these clouds began to converge (they became like balls and formed into a structure resembling a bean pod), increased their height and after 3 hours disappeared in the sky. I talked with other soldiers who confirm my words. And everyone is ready to swear that the Turks have not even contacted this battalion. ”

Also surprising is the condition of the bodies of the dead. Eyewitnesses said that they looked as if they had been dropped from a great height (“badly disfigured, bones broken, and limbs turned”). Historians nevertheless agree on a version with a war crime, because the Turks preferred to execute on the spot and did not take anyone prisoner. But ufologies continue to study eyewitness accounts and do not get tired to mention the mysterious fog and that only 180 bodies were found, and according to approximate calculations about 267 disappeared.

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