Low gravity will allow you to fly on Titan

Low gravity will allow you to fly on Titan

Would you like to fly like birds? Repeat Icarus flight with the help of wings, but without a sad end? Well, you have this opportunity. It remains only to load things into the spacecraft and go to Saturn’s largest satellite, Titan.

Perspective colony

Low gravity will allow you to fly on Titan

Titan stands in second place by the size among the satellites of the Solar System and is considered a promising place for colonization. It is endowed with a dense atmospheric layer and a surface liquid.

Scientists believe that even a man would be comfortable walking on the surface without a spacesuit. True, you still have to wear a special oxygen mask and create a warm suit to withstand frost at -170 ° C. The density of the atmosphere is enough to protect against micrometeorites or radiation.

But, even if we never decide to colonize this place, Titan is still worth a visit, because a pair of wings will help you fly up.

Flight Conditions

To give thanks is a low level of strength of the Titan, because it is only 14% of the earthly! And now remember the lunar astronauts. In the video you can see that they had to move using jumps, as if in slow motion. The fact is that lunar gravity reaches 17% of Earth's. On Titan, an additional atmospheric layer plays an additional role, which is 98.4% represented by nitrogen. Therefore, the presence of a suit with a competent wing design will help to travel long distances using flight. Scientists believe that it is much more reasonable than using rovers and other types of transport.

Cooking flight suits

Low gravity will allow you to fly on Titan

Titan's atmosphere captured using blue, green and red spectral filters

This is a gift from British scientists who decided to develop a model of a special suit suitable for flying on Titan. A prerequisite is to preliminarily accelerate to 11 m / s.

The main attention was paid to the development of wings. They should be large enough to lift a person of average weight category into the air. For the flight do not have to jump from high ground. You just need to accelerate with the usual running. Wing area - 4.7 square meters (as two desks).

Interestingly, the size of the wings may depend on your possible acceleration rate. If you are a slow person, you will have to increase the area. If you are a professional runner, then 1.4 square meters will suffice. Practice running now on Earth, because with the modest size of the wings it will be much easier to walk on the surface of Titan. We do not advise to fly too high, but you should not be afraid of falling. Even if the mechanism is damaged, the landing will be smooth and painless.


It is likely that wings - not fiction, but the real proposal. The fact is that on Titan is the most promising and affordable free mode of transport for single movements. Of course, various airship designs are being developed, but everyone will have wings at hand.

However, first we need to master the Moon and Mars, and only then go to the satellites of the gas giants. But it's nice to think that on other worlds you can realize children's dreams about flying.

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