Incident in Oregon - 1950. Could a farmer take a picture of an unidentified object

Incident in Oregon - 1950. Could a farmer take a picture of an unidentified object

In 1950, American newspapers began distributing two black and white photographs taken on a Kodak camera by a farmer from Yamhill County (Oregon). However, people continue to argue about the image: could the farmer photograph a UFO, or was it an attempt to become famous?

It is important to note that these are not the first UFO pictures, but among ufologists they are considered among the most convincing. Even skeptics, who call frames a fake, agree that this is one of the best works. But could a married couple all their lives deceive the world for glory? Let's take a closer look at the story.

The event took place on May 11, 1950. It was almost the peak of the popularity of UFO hunters and aliens, when every week someone throughout America declared the observation of extraterrestrial guests, bright lights and metal structures in the sky.

Incident in Oregon - 1950. Could a farmer take a picture of an unidentified object

So, at the time, the couple Paul and Evelyn Trenty lived on a farm between McMinnville County and Shiredin. On the evening of May 11, the woman returned to the house after feeding the rabbits. She went to her husband and said that there was a strange metal disk in the sky, which was moving toward the farm.

The husband took his camera and went out into the yard with her, where he managed to take two photos of the object, which quickly disappeared from view. Paul did not attach special importance to the event and was in no hurry to show the film. Only a few weeks later he showed the footage to a friend, after which the news became known to the whole city. Soon these photos appeared on the front page of the local newspaper, after which all national media began to talk about them. Trenty quickly became famous and they were even invited to New York on television. They donated negatives to the International News Service, which distributed images throughout the world.

Incident in Oregon - 1950. Could a farmer take a picture of an unidentified object

Left: one of the UFO photos taken by Paul Trent. Right: photo taken by the French Air Force pilot.

As a result, photos appeared in one of the most replicated editions in the USA - the magazine LIFE. Many believe that the Trenty invented the story and made a quality fake to cash in on fame. But the snag is that no one paid the spouses for using the pictures. As a result, the negatives are lost when sending between editions.

Experts checked the images many times, but no one could say for sure that they are 100% fake or authentic. In 1997, the couple gave the last interview to Brian Denson. Evelyn and Paul told the whole story in the way they were told at the very beginning. Therefore, there was nothing to undermine.

In addition, the Trenty looked tired of the story itself and seemed to want to forget about it as soon as possible. Paul even admitted that they were often ridiculed in the past for UFO photos. Spouses have already died, but until the end of their lives did not make changes to the story. Therefore, ufology consider their images as one of the clearest evidence of the existence of UFOs.

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