Production of seals with protection

It happens that among the employees of an organization who have access to the financial documentation of a company, there are unreliable people who, taking advantage of the right moment, can transfer funds from your company's account to those that are convenient for them by payment order. The bank checks the identity and verifies the signature in the payment, then makes the transfer. Thus, your funds are protected only by the integrity and reliability of those who work with your financial payments.

If you do not trust the payment of power of attorney to the persons of the company, you can solve this problem with the help of stamp products. True, the usual printing can sometimes also be retaken, because the technique allows today to make a quality fake.

The cost of manufacturing seals and stamps depends on what type of protection you choose for your organization, since the most expensive of them are products with ultraviolet. Due to the sophisticated manufacturing technology, the lead time cannot be less than two days, and their price varies from where the protective ornaments are located. The lowest cost for products with an ornament.

Stamps with ornament

Such prints depict a complex pattern with a certain ornament, it is produced by laser engraving technology. Externally, the impression is not very different from the impression of texture stamps created by the same method. It is almost impossible to forge items with an ornament. The ornament can be symmetrical or not, a repeating image and a picture. A classic example of a stamp with an ornament on the received diplomas of university graduates as one of the degrees of protection.

Guilloche Grid Stamps

Prints with guilloche nets can be completely filled with grid lines, and partially, and can be combined with each other and various text fields. Such products are no longer counterfeit. If the fraudster undertakes such a procedure, he will need equipment like how to print such a guilloche grid on banknotes.

Stamps using ultraviolet

Ultraviolet marks in normal light are not visible on such seals. The complex components of the patterns are made in the form of a guilloche grid. This combination of ultraviolet elements and a difficultly reproducible grid makes forgery impossible. Ultraviolet composition invisibly transferred to the print on the document.

It is worth ensuring your company financial security with the help of such high-quality seals. Order a print on an imprint from us, and our experts will make for you the best protection!

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